Game Betting

This is one quite simple – pick the winner of the next game to be played in the match. Odds will be determined largely by who the serving player is, but also are based on the strength of each player, their head to head record, the score of the match, etc. This is a good bet for someone who likes to have constant action going throughout a match.

Naturally, the serving player will be favored to win each game. The smart bets are usually ones that pick an opportune time for the server to be broken, as those odds make the wager worthwhile. More times than not, betting on the server to hold will simply not pay enough to make it a smart bet. The key to coming out ahead in live game betting is to pick just the right time to anticipate a break of serve, especially by the lower ranked player.

The following three points can help in choosing when to make single game wager:

Struggling Server

If one of the players in the match has been barely holding serve for a couple games in a row, they might be ripe to be broken. Serving is largely built on confidence – if that confidence is down a little bit from some challenging service games earlier in the match, you might have an opportunity for a smart wager. Don’t count on a player who has held at love two games in a row to suddenly lose their touch. Spot a pattern and try to take advantage of it.

Women’s Matches

Breaks of serve are far more common in the women’s game than on the men’s side. Even some of the top ranked women players do not possess powerful serves, and can be broken frequently even in a match they ultimately win. Watch for a match in which a highly ranked woman with a weaker serve plays a strong returner. A match like that can be expected to produce almost as many breaks as holds.


Breaking another players’ serve usually requires a lot of hustle and hard work. If the returning play doesn’t have much motivation, like they are already up 5-0 in the set, they are less likely to grind out the game. Watch for the overall patterns of the match when considering your wagers.

legal sports betting sites is a fun way to interact with the match if you pick and choose your spots. Simply betting every single game is not likely to be a successful strategy. Watch the match progress carefully and identify the best time to make your move.

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